The journey of the brand
is like a voyage.

We take time
to communicate with users
on every channel
to refine the value of the brand.

The journey of the brand is like a long voyage.
To overcome rough waves
and keep sailing without losing sight of your destination,
it is essential to have a strategic partner who shares the voyage.

is branding boutique
that specializes in luxury business
consulting, marketing,
creative, and SNS.

Using abundant knowledge, networks,
and the latest AI technology,
we support brands ‘under the water’
and contribute to the improvement of their value.



We support the brand journey for, and specialize in businesses within luxury markets. From launching new businesses (brands, services, celebrities, etc.) to introducing them to the Japanese market, we have core capabilities in concept design and branding strategies.


We support the establishment of business image and improvement of awareness based on marketing and communication. In addition, we support general marketing and communication in the luxury market, from sales promotion planning to implementation.

Social AI

We support customer discovery and business development through what we call “SONAR.” The social AI platform "SONAR" analyzes the attributes and tastes of SNS users in detail using artificial intelligence to find potential customers with high affinity to companies and brands.


MISSION Enriching brand value and connectivity through specialized marketing activities in luxury markets.

Company name:

SUBMARiNER Corporation

CEO & Managing Planning Director:

Megumi Senoo

Street address:

Tokyo Nakajima Building 5F, 5-50-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

Business content:

Digital marketing using social networks
Branding service using AI
Marketing services
Brand consulting
Planning, production and management of websites and web contents
Planning, production and distribution of various videos
Mail order sales using the Internet
Event planning, production, management and implementation
SNS planning, development, operation and promotion using SNS
Various services and consulting in celebrity branding
Mobile content planning, production
EC site planning, production, management




    1.Company name:
    Submariner Corporation

    2. Protection manager of personal information
    Representative Megumi Senoo

    3. Purpose of using personal information
    (A) For provision, management and operation of this service
    (B) In order for users to make necessary contact when using this service
    (C) To collect, create and send statistical data for which personal information for the purpose of operation of this service is not identified
    (D) If the user permits the linkage with an external service such as SNS when using the service, the information registered on the external service will be used in the service, or information will be provided to the external service To do
    (E) To provide information and advertisements related to the Service and services provided by our partners by email or other means.
    (F) To respond to inquiries
    (G)In addition to the preceding items, for purposes permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act

    4. Third party provision of personal information
    (A) Purpose to provide to third parties
    (B) Items of personal information to be provided
    Information you sent, such as your name, phone number, and email address
    (C) Means or method of provision
    Paper media and / or electronic media
    (D) Type and attributes of the organization receiving the provision of the information or the provision receiving party
    Third parties such as related parties in relation to service
    (E) When there is a contract for the handling of personal information
    With regard to the handling of personal information, a confidentiality agreement is concluded, and it is obliged that the provider properly protects personal information.

    5. The Company may consign all or part of the personal information to another company within the scope of the purpose of use.

    6. If you request the Company to disclose or modify the content of your personal information acquired by the Company, in principle, the Company will respond within a reasonable period. Please see here for the disclosure request method.

    7. The provision of personal information to the company is optional. However, if you do not have the required items, you may not be able to respond appropriately.

    8. We use terminal information as cookies to manage and maintain the provision of service content, to consider new services, and manage login information and advertisement distribution.

    9. This protection policy may be revised in whole or in part without the consent of the customer at our discretion, and if the customer uses our service after revising this protection policy, we agree to the amendment.

    1 Privacy policy is based on, and translated from Japanese privacy law
    2 Final translation currently under review